Our Impact

Our Impact

“Girls Write Now has changed my life. It has empowered me to take my writing to new levels that not only reflect my identity but connect to others as well… My mentor has helped me take risks; feel confident in myself and in my writing.” — Emely Paulino, mentee


  • 98% of mentees completed their six-genre portfolios
  • Mentors said their mentees got 20% better at editing their own work and receiving critical feedback — and mentees agreed!
  • 100% of mentors say that their mentees write in their own unique voice


  • 97% of mentees completed all the program requirements
  • Of non-senior mentees, a whopping 82% returned to the program the following year
  • 100% of mentees agree—they have a mentor who cares about them!


  • 100% of mentees published original writing in our 2011 Opening Lines Anthology
  • 93% of our mentees submitted work to the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards
  • At Scholastic, mentees won a collective 27 Regional Awards, including 2 National Keys
  • Mentees work was also recognized by the Bestival, Urban Word Knicks Poetry Slam, and Fordham University’s Poets Out Loud at Lincoln Center


  • 100% of mentees performed their original work before an audience of 150+ in our CHAPTERS reading series
  • According to mentors, mentees improved dramatically at speaking in small groups
  • Mentees judged their largest improvements in public speaking and the ability to communicate one-to-one


  • 100% of seniors enrolled at colleges and universities including Agnes Scott College, Brown University, Dickinson College, Duke University, Kenyon College, Mount Holyoke College, Temple University, and SUNY Oswego