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CHAPTERS Reading Series 2013

Four opportunities to see our girls in action, alongside Maria from Sesame Street and other award-winning authors! View press release.


Recent Press

  • School Library Journal, Sesame Street’s “Maria” Opens GWN’s Reading Series
    “An audience of 230 budding writers and their loved ones greeted Sonia Manzano with cheers and excited whispers on March 22, welcoming the celebrated Latina actress and 15 Emmy Award-winning screenwriter as the special guest speaker for the opening event of Girls Write Now’s CHAPTERS Reading series.” Read more

  • Women’s Media Center, Mentoring the Next Generation of Women Writers
    “On the surface, Alice Sheba and Paldon Dolma don’t seem to have much in common. Alice is 87, Jewish, and a born-and-bred New Yorker; Paldon is 17, a Buddhist, and from Tibet. Yet, as they talk intently, their heads bent over some sheets of paper on a tiny table in a New York City Barnes and Noble bookstore, one can see they are completely comfortable with each other.” Read more