I Am Girls Write Now. Directed and produced by Kathleen Sweeney, Video-Text


“Girls Write Now mentees are talented, serious young women writers. Their wide-ranging work sparkles with wit and passion.” – Alix Kates Shulman, author and guest speaker

Writers don’t usually let you see their work-in-progress. But for us, process is vital: it’s how we learn, how we stretch ourselves, and how we see that story, poem or play through to a beautiful finish. We’re not scared of the red pen along the way.

In our workshops, our mentors and mentees spark their creativity with writing exercises that take them through six genres: fiction, poetry, memoir, journalism, playwriting & screenwriting, and a wild card. After each workshop, they share their work in progress in secure online portfolios for mentors and mentees only.

But every now and then, mentees share the pieces in development, so you too can share in their process. Take a look!