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Digital media

“If I had the knowledge, skill, and money to use all the tools in the world, I would start digitally remixing all my short stories and poems…It would also be great if I could animate one of Edgar Allan Poe’s works such as the ‘The Tell Tale Heart’ or ‘The Raven.’” – Monica Chin, mentee

Our mentees are defining the digital age, bringing the craft of writing into the 21st century. In our Digital Media Mentoring program, we boost girls’ tech savvy and creative potential through digital media. In bringing our curriculum and writing approach into the digital age, we prepare the girls we serve to truly be the next generation of writers — on whatever platform they choose.

Students are paired one-to-one with a digital media professional or New School graduate student and together they transform their writing into digital art. All workshops, which we affectionately call Dorkshops, are facilitated by graduate students at Parsons The New School for Design. Dorkshops feature writing and digital skill-building exercises, prompts, and share-outs to diversify participants’ modes of self-expression. At the end of a program year, girls are equipped to tell a story in GIFs, tell a poem in HTML, and take their words to the next level.

Explore new digital horizons with our girls and mentors — from narrative games to audio, writing isn’t just in ink anymore.

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Fall 2013: Audio

During the fall semester, mentoring pairs explored how to translate their writing into digital media and enhance their digital literacy as well as their writing skills. This semester the program used audio recording as a jumping off point.

Mentor leader Julie shows us how fonts make a difference

Spring 2013: Creative Publishing

Girls Write Now Dorkshops make dreams come true. Mentors and mentees in this spring’s Digital Media Mentoring Program brought their words to life at Creative Publishing Dorkshops where they learned to write, design, and produce their very own e-books.

WWW Digital Media Gaming

Fall 2012: Narrative Gaming

Welcome to our Narrative Gaming Dorkshop series, where mentees and mentors used juicy conflict, enticing characters, and surprising plot twists to write their very own narrative online games. Through our series of three monthly Dorkshops, mentees and mentors learned how to use Wordpress posts and QR codes to build narrative games that can be played on any mobile device.

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Spring 2012: Remix

In the spring of 2012, select mentee/mentor pairs embarked on a digital remix adventure. Parting ways with the rest of the GWN crew for the months from February through April, these “Remixers” attended “Dorkshops” (digitally focused workshops) learning digital photography, video editing, animation, audio production, and online sharing.

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