What We Write

What we write

“In the beginning, I was extremely shy about sharing my writing with other people, especially strangers. At workshops, I was able to raise my hand, read my work aloud, crawl out of my shell and be who I wanted to be: a writer.” – Jessica Mia Bordon, mentee

Writing is a communal enterprise. To build our community of writers, we translate the elusive magic of face-to-face connections between women into a precise, flexible curriculum that provides a safe space for girls to develop their talent, stretch creatively, and then share it with the world.

In mentoring pairs and in workshops, our mentees create work that surprises us. With their mentors, they refine it for performance and publication. On stage at our CHAPTERS reading series, in print in our annual anthology, and here in their online portfolios, we get to share it with you, too.



Writers don’t usually let others see their work-in-progress. Here, our mentees share some of their writing, as they develop it.

News and Events


We take the strongest, boundary-pushing work we create each year and publish it in our award-winning literary journal. Here’s all of them in one place.



In each workshop, mentees and mentors tap into their raw creativity and let it pour out on the page–and with the expertise of our workshop leaders and inspiration of our guest authors, give it shape.



The lights dim. The audience hushes. A mentee takes the stage.

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Digital media

Our mentees are redefining writing in the digital age. In their multimedia portfolios, they remix photos, video, and music with their own words and stories.