“At that moment, I realized what Girls Write Now was all about. Here’s  this brilliant sports writer for the Associated Press, and she’s totally immersed in my poem.” – Lashanda Anakwah, mentee

The spirit of our organization is simple: every girl who’s passionate about writing gets a shot at exploring it. We introduce NYC public high school girls to women writers and digital media professionals from every discipline, who join Girls Write Now as mentors to pass on their craft. As mentees work with their mentors, a one-to-one relationship becomes a two-way street.

Mentees and mentors become crit partners, collaborators, and lifelong friends. A typical pair session can involve building on a work in progress, fine-tuning application essays for a college-bound senior, editing each other’s poems, or taking a field trip to places designed to inspire, like museums, movies, or a new neighborhood.

Girls Write Now has two distinct mentoring programs: the Writing & Mentoring Program and the Digital Media Mentoring Program. Each is designed to provide mentees with the tools and support to critically develop their writing skills and explore new modes of creative expression.

Writing & Mentoring Program

The 2015-16 Writing and Mentoring Program will focus on the exploration of six sub-genres within the categories of poetry, fiction, memoir, journalism, and screen/playwriting. This program is recommended for girls interested in developing a body of work across genres. Mentors and mentees attend workshops and prepare for readings, taking their work from rough draft to a complete piece to be published in our annual anthology. Read our mentees’ writing, fresh from the workshops.

Digital Media Mentoring Program

The 2015-16 Digital Media Mentoring Program is strongly encouraged for girls who want to translate their writing into multimedia stories, develop an online portfolio of work, and build skills for internships and college. In partnership with Parsons The New School for Design, program participants attend Studio Workshops at Parsons, prepare for an interactive exhibition, and publish their work on new media platforms. Mentoring spots are also available for graduate students attending The New School. Find out more about our exploration into digital media.

We accept new mentor and mentee applications each spring. Our pairs are matched in September through a process that takes into account geography, writing interests, and compatibility. Once matched, pairs meet each week. Throughout the course of the program year, mentees create multi-genre developmental portfolios, archiving and reworking their drafts from pair sessions and workshops. Together, they receive support and training from experienced mentors, therapists, and guest authors.

We are no longer accepting applications for the 2015-2016 mentoring programs. But click here to learn more: