“Attend a Girls Write Now reading, participate in a Girls Write Now workshop, or open this book and the result is the same: pure, joyous astonishment. These writers are the real thing, full of swagger and vulnerability simultaneously.” – Emma Straub, mentor, author

After guiding each mentee through so many of the rites of the writer’s lifecreation, revision, submission, public presentation—our mentoring program culminates each year with our annual anthology, in which each mentee and mentor has a published piece.

To produce our anthology, we take a step back and ask ourselves, what’s emerged in our weekly pair sessions? In our monthly group workshops? In our public reading series? We discover an organic set of themes exploring who we are alone and with each other, at home and abroad, and how these identities define us as women.

The result is our award-winning literary journal, where we publish a selection of work created each year by our mentees and mentors: the stories that surprise us and stretch our understanding of the world and ourselves. Our anthology has been recognized with the Outstanding Book of the Year in the Independent Publisher Book Awards, along with honors from the Indie Excellence Awards and the New York Book Festival.

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