Training & Orientation — Girls Write Now Style

The school year is only just getting started, but we here at Girls Write Now have already hit the ground running! Across two mentoring programs, on three different days, and in two different locations, we’ve kicked off the 2013-14 year with a bang. Catch the latest from our mentors and mentees on the ground! Our

Breaking Through to Orientation

This post was written by first-year mentee Misbah, who attended Girls Write Now Orientation, September 28, 2013. No, you can’t go. What’s the point of it? You have other siblings, too, who need to be taken care of. Change the date or something. We’re busy. What are you even going to do there? It’s so

Speed Dating, Girls Write Now Style

This post was written by Digital Media Mentor Aparna, who attended our Digital Media Mentoring Program Orientation. Strangers meeting for the first time should nix hors d’oeuvres, cocktail attire, and name games in exchange for speed dating “Girls Write Now” style. It goes like this: mentors in the middle, mentees circle around. Be ready for

18th Floor – Reflection on Orientation

Second-year mentee Kirstie reflects on Girls Write Now’s 2013 Mentoring Program Orientation. 18th floor Rows of white chairs Bagels and juice Girls from all walks of life buzzing, catching up New mentors and mentees taking everything in Old mentees and mentors reuniting Writing prompts What is something you want people to know yourself?

The Perks of Being an Eavesdropper

This post was written by first-year Girls Write Now mentee Marquisele, who attended Mentoring Program Orientation at Girls Write Now on September 28, 2013. Here’s a riddle to start this off: What’s something fun to do alone or with friends? All you need is an ear or two. … Give up? I’m talking about eavesdropping!

New Worlds for a Returning Mentor

At training last weekend, I met a mentor who wants to have coffee in a Paris café with Salman Rushdie, another who had most recently listened to ‘Pony’ by Ginuwine, and a new mentor who gave up on reading Keith Richards’ memoir. This year’s theme of New Worlds seems especially relevant: between a Fatwa, an

A Mentee on Mentors: Training Distilled

A new school year has begun and for Girls Write Now, it began as it always does: with Mentor Training. A day devoted to welcoming back old mentors, introducing new mentors to our curriculum, and, most importantly, helping them all learn about what to expect when working with a female teen writer. As always, this