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“When I was 14 years old, I wrote, but I never called myself a writer until Girls Write Now told me I was. And then I couldn’t wait to call myself a writer again.” — Brittany Barker, mentee

If… the pages of your notebook are scribbled full your visual story lives on Tumblr you can’t leave your house without a pen you don’t go to sleep without blogging your thoughts the callus on your middle finger is big enough to have its own zip

…you sound like a Girls Write Now mentee.

Life is better in twos. Form a one-to-one mentoring relationship with a professional woman writer and mediamaker to transform the fierce words in your journal into powerful stories, poems, podcasts, plays, eBooks, blogs, and more.

Girls Write Now offers two distinct mentoring programs: the Writing & Mentoring Program and the Digital Media Mentoring Program. Each is designed to provide mentees with the tools and support to critically develop their writing skills and explore new modes of creative expression.

The 2015-16 Writing & Mentoring Program will focus on the exploration of six sub-genres within the categories of poetry, fiction, memoir, journalism, and screenwriting/playwriting. This program is recommended for young women interested in developing a body of work across genres.

The 2015-16 Digital Media Mentoring Program is strongly encouraged for girls who want to translate their writing into multimedia stories, develop an online portfolio of work, and build skills for internships and college.

Girls Write Now mentees

  • Form a one-to-one mentoring relationship with a professional woman writer and media maker
  • Attend monthly, half-day writing workshops that feature guest speakers who are published authors in all genres
  • Receive college prep support
  • Publicly showcase work at exhibitions and our annual public reading series
  • Publish work in our annual, award-winning anthology or art book

You are:

  • A New York City girl from any of the five boroughs
  • In grade 9-12 for the 2015-16 school year at a public high school
  • A native or non-native English speaker with mature English writing & speaking skills
  • Able to make a commitment to weekly in-person mentoring sessions, monthly Saturday workshops, and special events from September 2015 through June 2016
  • Passionate about writing in any genre or interested in digital media storytelling


We will begin accepting applications for the 2015-2016 program year on April 1, 2015.



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