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Getting Started with Digital Remix Portfolio

On Wednesday, January 18, GWN Remix Mentees and Mentors gathered for the first meeting of their important mission! The objective: to learn more about dorkShops, Remix Portfolios, and our fellow Remixers. The event started with writing and sharing 140-character digital

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Food, Fun, and Julia Child: Julie Powell at GWN’s Food Memoir Workshop

In this month’s GWN genre workshop, I got to meet Julie Powell—as in, the author of Julie and Julia. It was an incredible opportunity, but I’m glad I wasn’t too star stuck to genuinely evaluate her Craft Talk. After all was

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Dining in the Midst of Nudes: From the GWN Food Memoir Workshop

By Larissa Heron Girls Write Now Mentee In the summer of 2011, I travelled to France with a group of high school students to learn about French art and culture. The Barats, our hosts and the founders of The Barat

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What’s Really In My Kitchen: From the GWN Food Memoir Workshop

If you were to step foot in my kitchen, you would probably laugh at its size. I do. It’s about ten feet long and four feet wide. There’s an average-sized refrigerator, a small gas stove that is on its way

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