An Awe-Inspiring Craft Talk with Julie Powell at GWN’s Food Memoir Workshop

The December 10th Craft Talk with Julie Powell was one-of-a-kind with humor and wit. She told the Girls Write Now community about the trials & tribulations of becoming a successful writer, and entranced us all. She spoke of her experiences while writing Julie & Julia, including her obsession with cooking (+ blogging) every recipe in Julia Child’s Mastering

Russian Tea Cakes: A Food Memoir

Every year, after Thanksgiving, I start to check the mail more eagerly. I know that on some otherwise ordinary December evening, I will arrive home after work, meetings or rehearsals to find a cardboard box from my mother. Hurriedly, I’ll leap the stairs as fast as I can, burst through the door and use my

Probing Inspiration: Tapping My Way Back Into Creativity Through Found Poetry

I specialize mainly in Journalism, having worked for HarlemLIVE, an online teen publication for five years. I love journalism because I get to educate and inform people about the prevalent issues going on in society. Although journalism has opened many doors for me, like introducing me to lots of people, I feel like it’s stunted

GWN Found Poetry Workshop

Before the Workshop: I am not a poet. I don’t like writing poetry and I barely read poetry.  But, I do have this wonderfully thick anthology somewhere on the bottom shelf of my bookshelf collecting dust. It looks deliciously worn, like I’ve spent all my time huddled under a blanket, flipping through its delicate pages, tearing