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Birds for a Demolition: Idra Novey at the GWN Found Poetry Workshop

White walls are painted with the smiles that radiate off our faces just as our laughter vibrates off the two walls of windows that surround the Girls Write Now headquarters. Placed upon each of our chairs is a well known

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Suspense, Perspective, and Writing Advice: GWN’s Crime Fiction Workshop

The lights fade out and dim sunlight enters through the windows. From far behind, a woman comes silently, dressed in a discreet beige coat. She looks around suspiciously, keeping her hands in her pockets. As soon as she reaches the

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Katia Lief at Year’s Kick-Off Event: GWN’s Crime Fiction Workshop

Walking back into the GWN office after summer vacation was a mixture of relief, familiarity, and excitement. It was the first workshop of the year, Crime Fiction writing. There were more new faces than old; some excited, some nervous. My

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"There's nothing more dangerous to the patriarchy than a girl with a pen in her hand." —ROBIN MORGAN, author, activist, and Girls Write Now panelist. Photos, stories & more from our celebration of International Day of the Girl!